Outdoor Voices is a Fashion Forward Fitness Brand Company:

When you ask yourself, “what is branding?” think Outdoor Voices. Their brand ID and brand awareness has been doing its cardio and strength training. That is for sure. Fitness Branding is active. Outdoor Voices, fitness branding is active.

The activewear market is pretty crowded. Is that how you are going to stand out?

Definitely. There’s a trend toward fashion-meets-fitness, but we don’t really see ourselves as a fashion company. We definitely want to set out to do this new generation of activewear. We all grew up with Nike and Under Armour, so our goal is to really become a true active brand. But instead of sponsoring professionals, we’re sponsoring recreationals. And I think the way that we’re resonating and building our community is through social and direct-to-consumer. We don’t feel like there’s an activewear brand out there that’s really focused on that, and nailing that line.